The 69 Eyes - Helsinki Vampires comic book part 3

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The vampire Jyrki returns to New Orleans in pursuit of his progeny and lover, Christina Death. After being torn apart in Paris by an order of vampire hunters, Jyrki has lived without her for years. Then, a letter brings him running back to her side. But, during the intervening time, she became something terrible. Now, a vampire motorcycle gang wants her back and will stop at nothing to take her. And, the very hunters that found them years before have tracked Jyrki to New Orleans. As the third issue of the epic miniseries concludes, one night in a cemetery will decide the lovers’ fate—and give birth to The 69 Eyes.

Publisher: Dark Notes Press
Pages: 64, Black and white
Story: Jyrki 69 and Kurt Amacker
Script: Kurt Amacker and Marc Moorash
Art: Ulises Roman, Henry Simon, Timothy Lattie, Monty Borror
Covers: Drake Mefestta